Chipboard Screws

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    Why Chipboard Screw is Best

    We all know screws are used to hold different things like wood platforms and other materials in place. However, you want the materials you have screwed to stay together. To get it right, you need to use the correct screw. When working with chipboard, you need the chipboard screws. The chipboard is made of compressed materials like wood shavings or sawdust. These are lighter boards. Therefore, you cannot use any type of screw on them.

    Why Chipboard Screw is Best

    The chipboard screw is mainly designed for the board. It has several features that allow you to drive the screw in without damaging the board.
    The holes a chipboard screw creates are neat and flawless. But there are different types of chipboard screws. So, you should know what you need before purchasing.

    Chipboard Screw Features

    Making the best buying decision is easier when you know the type of chipboard screws you need for that project. They have several distinguishing features compared to particleboard screws and wood screws.

    Here are some of the notable features of chipboard screws:

    The Head Type

    Chipboard screws stand out based on the type of head on the screw. For example, some of these screws have a Torx drive flat head, while others have the Pozi drive CSK head type. You can also find the pan head chipboard screws and the Torx oval head screws.

    Furthermore, there are square flat head drive and the Philips flat head chipboard screws. The head type and the recess depth determine the tool you need to drive the screw into the board.

    Thread Type

    Some of these screws have a complete thread, while others have a half thread. The chipboard screw thread determines how deep the screw goes into the board.


    The best chipboard screw types for any project are zinc plated. Some of them are plated with yellow zinc. These chipboard screws are less prone to corrosion and are suitable for outdoor projects like garden decking.

    Best Chipboard Screws Online

    Best Chipboard Screws Online

    We have built an outstanding reputation as a supplier of chipboard screws. You can buy any particular type of chipboard screw in bulk. Here are our top-rated products:

    Pozi Double Flat Head Chipboard Screw

    This is a full-thread screw designed to hold fast after screwing. It has grippers around the head that keep the screw in the hole after screwing it in. The threads are well-defined, reducing the chances of splitting the board when screwing. They are easy to use on low, medium, or high-density chipboards and less vulnerable to corrosion.

    Pozi Drive CSK Head Chipboard

    These screws are an excellent option for people who are handling projects that involve attaching chipboards to hardwood or any other surface.

    The steel chipboard screws are tough and do not withdraw when used on a suitable material. It is a thin-shaft screw with coarse thread and works like wood screws.

    Torx CSK Chipboard Screw

    This self tapping screw has a long thing shaft. The coarse thread is best for chipboards. It can hold two particle board pieces together. This is also among self tapping screws that have a countersunk head and can hold eponymous chipboard to wood and other materials.

    Torx Drive Flathead Chipboard Screw

    This particular type of chipboard screw has a half thread, and one of the key differences is the countersunk head Torx drive. These features make it easy to use the self tapping screw to hold two chipboards or chipboard and wood together.

    The material used to make this chipboard screw is corrosion resistant and suitable for use on hinges and other outdoor projects.

    Torx Oval Head Chipboard Screw

    The thin shaft on this chipboard screw has a coarse thread that runs through half of the screw. The thread is designed to grip the chipboard material, so there is no worry about the screw withdrawing after screwing it in. It is also corrosion resistant and easy to use with the right tools.

    Square CSK Head Chipboard Screw

    The flat square head distinguishes this chipboard screw, and it is excellent for all types of projects because of the long thin shaft. The screw is plated with yellow zinc and holds fast when used for screwing different types of wood into chipboards.

    Buy Chipboard Screw in Bulk

    Buy Chipboard Screw in Bulk

    You can order these high-quality chipboard screws in bulk. Send us your customer contact form to place an order or ask questions.