Spax Chipboard Screws for Vinyl Siding


Augment your product portfolio with our Spax chipboard screws for Vinyl siding, offering unmatched durability and flexibility for various applications.



As self-tapping screws with slender shafts and coarse threads, these screws are meticulously crafted for a streamlined installation process.

They boast unparalleled durability and resistance, manufactured from carbon or stainless steel and subsequently galvanized.

They are also available in various lengths to accommodate a wide range of applications.

Uniquely designed to fasten low, medium, and high-density chipboard, the screws are versatile and robust.

In addition, their self-tapping nature eliminates the need for pre-drilled holes, providing a user-friendly, efficient solution.

To sum up, choose our Spax chipboard screws for Vinyl siding, and offer a product that embodies flexibility, robustness, and ease of use.

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