Pozi Double Flat Head Screws For Chipboard Flooring


These Pozi double flat head screws for chipboard flooring offer an effective and efficient solution to fastening chipboard flooring.



Our double flat head screws are specially designed to fasten low, medium, and high-density chipboard.

Chipboard, lacking a natural grain that could help resist screw withdrawal, poses a unique challenge, and our screws are perfectly adapted to meet it.

A distinguishing feature of these screws for chipboard flooring is the ‘nibs’ or grippers around their head.

The nibs provide additional gripping strength, helping to keep the screw firmly in place once installed and enhancing the stability and longevity of your flooring projects.

In addition, the screws have a slim design to prevent the splitting of the material, making them the ideal choice for chipboard application.

Their coarse grain further aids in locking the board in place, ensuring a secure and robust connection.

Hence, contact us for your wholesale orders and secure a fastening solution that truly meets your needs.

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