Best Screws for Particle Board, Pozi Drive CSK Head


Empower your hardware range with the best screws for particle boards, offering unmatched grip, resist withdrawal, and providing a smooth finish.



Designed as self-tapping screws with a thin shaft and coarse threads, our Pozi drive CSK head screws are impeccably suited for chipboard applications.

Chipboard is a composite material of resin and wood dust or wood chips. The screws are ingeniously crafted to grip this specific material and offer robust resistance against withdrawal.

And this ensures the solid fastening of chipboard to chipboard or chipboard to other materials, such as natural wood.

Additionally, the Pozi drive design enhances the drive control, and the CSK (Countersunk) head allows for a smooth, flush finish.

Thus, contact us today and opt for these best screws for particle boards.

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