Phillips Slotted Combo Drive Modified Truss Screws


Elevate your fastening projects with our Phillips slotted combo drive modified truss screws, providing exceptional grip and prevent splitting.



Specifically created to fasten low, medium, and high-density chipboard, these screws offer superior gripping power and a robust connection.

Their uniqueness lies in their innovative design, featuring grippers around the head called nibs.

And these nibs ensure a strong hold in the chipboard, which naturally lacks grain to resist screw withdrawal.

The screws are intentionally slender to prevent splitting, and their coarse grain effectively locks the board in place. Their Phillips slotted combo drive offers versatile operation.

Additionally, the modified truss head design ensures a larger bearing surface for superior holding power, making them an ideal choice for securing chipboard.

Thus, contact us today and order our modified truss screws.

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