Round Head Stainless Steel Chipboard Corrosion Resistant Screws


Experience the ease and durability of these round head stainless steel chipboard corrosion resistant screws, perfect for all chipboard densities.



Crafted for securing low, medium, and high-density chipboard, the corrosion resistant screws go beyond the norm to provide a sturdy, long-lasting fastening solution.

They’re made of stainless steel. This ensures durability and makes them resistant to corrosion, significantly prolonging their life.

The round head design is equipped with nibs, or grippers, that prevent the screw from withdrawing, a common issue when dealing with chipboard due to its lack of natural grain.

Further, our screws are designed to be slender. Combined with a coarse grain, this characteristic ensures a solid grip on the chipboard without causing any splitting.

And with their self-tapping feature, you can forget about pre-drilling holes. Therefore, contact us today and invest in them.

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