Pozi Double Wood Brass Countersunk Screws


Discover the versatility and efficiency of these Pozi double wood brass countersunk screws, offering a flexible, efficient, and powerful fastening solution for woodworking and beyond.



Renowned for their powerful clamping force, the screws serve as a formidable tool for strengthening joints and connecting wood to wood.

The Pozi double countersunk head is specifically designed to sit flush with or below the level of the wood’s surface, offering a seamless, neat finish without compromising the integrity of the wood.

Also, its unique design allows for superior torque and grip, making installations quick and efficient.

Our brass countersunk screws are not limited to woodworking alone. They can effectively attach hinges, hardware, locks, and other non-wood objects, providing versatility in various applications.

Thus, invest in them and deliver aesthetic appeal and robust functionality.

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