DIN571 10*150 Stainless Steel Coach Screws


Elevate your hardware range with these DIN571 10*150 stainless steel coach screws, drawing wood pieces together securely and allowing for easy disassembly.



Specifically designed for fastening wood to wood or attaching objects to wood, the screws provide a neat, finished look, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the final product.

Their beauty lies in their functionality. As they’re tightened, they draw wood pieces together, potentially negating the need for additional clamping.

This feature results in a firm, robust assembly, ensuring the integrity of the construction.

Moreover, our screws offer an edge in dismantling or dismounting. Unlike nails, they can be effortlessly removed, allowing for relatively quick dismantling of assemblies or dismounting of fixtures.

In summary, invest in these DIN571 10*150 stainless steel coach screws, delivering a blend of visual appeal, efficient functionality, and superior convenience.

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