Flat Head Phillips Copper Wood Screws


Meet our flat head Phillips copper wood screws, designed for easy installation and dismantling, your go-to solution for all things woodwork.



These aren’t just ordinary screws; they’re specifically designed to connect wood to wood or affix various objects to wood, providing a clean, polished finish.

As you tighten them, they naturally pull wooden pieces together. So, you can forget about clamping and get hassle-free installations.

The best part is that the screws aren’t permanent. Unlike nails, they allow for swift disassembly or fixture dismounting. And the flat head design combined with the Phillips drive offers a modern, flush finish.

Additionally, the copper composition ensures durability and adds a classic touch to any woodworking project.

Consequently, order our copper wood screws, providing a functional, beautiful, and easily reversible fastening solution.

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