High Quality Galvanised Self Drilling Wood Screw


Transform your wholesale catalog with our high-quality galvanised self drilling wood screws, boasting superior withdrawal resistance and sleek design.



Designed for durability and efficiency, our screws are essential to your wholesale catalog.

Crafted for fastening wood to wood or attaching objects to wood, they provide a sleek, finished look pleasing to the eye.

These galvanised wood screws are built to pull wood pieces together securely, making clamping a thing of the past.

Their easy removal capabilities outshine ordinary nails, allowing for the quick dismantling of assemblies or dismounting of fixtures.

Additionally, while they offer comparable lateral resistance to similar-sized driven nails, their withdrawal resistance is vastly superior, providing a sturdy, reliable hold.

When you choose our high-quality galvanised self drilling wood screws, you choose efficiency, quality, and dependability.

Hence, take the step to differentiate your business from competitors with our superior wood screws.

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