Torx Pan Head 3 16 Machine Screw


Get unparalleled precision with our Torx pan head 3 16 machine screw, available in various configurations, materials, and sizes.



This machine screw’s design emphasizes compatibility, engineered to be threaded seamlessly into uniformly threaded nuts or threaded holes within the components it fastens.

Like the others in our collection, it has a nominal diameter, ensuring precision and accuracy in its function.

The Torx pan head feature sets it apart, a popular choice for many applications due to its six-point star-shaped pattern that allows for a higher torque to be applied.

Also, our machine screw is made available in a multitude of configurations, materials, driver head types, and sizes, offering you a comprehensive selection to meet your specific needs.

Consequently, order this Torx pan head 3 16 machine screw, a symbol of superior quality and precision in fastening.

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