Indented Hexagon Shaped Screw with Nyloc


Discover our versatile indented hexagon shaped screw with Nyloc, featuring uniformly threaded for secure fastening, offering enhanced grip and resistance to loosening.



Distinguished by its uniformly threaded design, this screw fits seamlessly into nuts or threaded holes of the same thread, ensuring a secure connection.

It comes with an indented hexagonal shape, which offers excellent grip and torque control.

One key feature of the product is its Nyloc system. This is a nylon insert that creates a locking action, thereby reducing the chance of the nut loosening under vibrations or changes in temperature.

It is also available in a wide variety of configurations, materials, and driver head types, offering you the flexibility to choose the best screw for your specific needs.

In addition, whether your project involves machines, tools, appliances, electronic devices, or vehicles, our hexagon shaped screw can provide an effective fastening solution. To sum up, contact us today and invest in it.

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