Phillips Pan Head M4 Self Tapping Screws


Transform your projects with the Phillips pan head M4 self tapping screws, offering a unique blend of innovation, performance, and superior functionality.


Engineered for robust substrates like metal or hard plastics, our screws possess the unique ability to tap their own holes, eliminating the need for pre-drilled holes or additional tools.

Each screw features a disruption in the thread continuity, creating a flute and a cutting edge akin to a tap. This intricate design allows the screw to carve its path into hard substrates, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a standard machine screw.

In addition, the Phillips pan head design enhances driver engagement and provides a larger bearing surface, balancing aesthetic appeal and functionality. This feature, coupled with the self-tapping ability, makes these M4 self tapping screws indispensable for any project.

Therefore, contact us today and invest in them.

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