Slotted Flat Head Painted Screws

Secure your chipboard projects with these slotted flat head painted screws, engineered with nibs and a coarse grain for enhanced grip and prevention of withdrawal.



The screws are uniquely designed for fastening low to high-density chipboard, a material with no natural grain, making conventional screw withdrawal a challenge.

To tackle this issue, our screws feature an innovative design; they are slender to prevent any material splitting and come with a coarse grain for a secure grip.

Adding to their functionality, they have grippers, or nibs, around their heads, specifically engineered to combat the challenge of withdrawal.

Additionally, their slotted flat head design ensures a smooth, flush finish with the surface, adding an aesthetic appeal to functionality.

In summary, contact us today and order these slotted flat head painted screws. Enjoy functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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