Phillips Pan Head Hi-low Thread Forming Screws for Plastic


Experience the convenience of self-tapping with our Phillips pan head hi-low thread forming screws for plastic, offering unmatched efficiency and adaptability.


Uniquely designed, these screws can create their hole as they’re driven into the material, offering an efficient and user-friendly solution.

A standout feature is their ability to work seamlessly with hard substrates, such as metal or hard plastics, which is facilitated by a carefully designed gap in the continuity of the screw thread.

And this ingenious design creates a flute and a cutting edge, reminiscent of a tap, enabling the self-tapping functionality.

Plus, the Phillips pan head design provides a secure fit and makes driving easy, while the hi-low thread forms a secure hold in plastic materials.

Overall, order the thread forming screws for plastic, and offer a product that personifies efficiency, convenience, and adaptability.

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