Black Phillips Bugle Head Drywall Screws

Presenting the black phillips bugle head drywall screws, specifically designed for secure and reliable drywall installations.



Our bugle head drywall screws boast deeper threads than standard screws, ensuring they remain securely fastened within the drywall and resist dislodging.

And crafted from durable steel, they are engineered for maximum strength and long-lasting performance.

To achieve optimal results, a power screwdriver is recommended for driving these bugle head drywall screws into the drywall.

This ensures the screws are anchored firmly and efficiently, providing a sturdy and reliable connection.

Additionally, for added support and weight distribution, our drywall screws can be used in conjunction with plastic anchors.

And these anchors help to evenly distribute the weight of the hung object across the surface, preventing potential damage to the drywall and maintaining the integrity of the installation.

In summary, choose these drywall screws for your wholesale needs, and benefit from our decades of manufacturing expertise, guaranteeing a superior product that meets and exceeds industry standards.

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