3.5*25 Fine Thread Drywall Stud Screws


Our 3.5*25 fine thread drywall stud screws offer a reliable and sturdy solution for various drywall installations.



These 3.5*25 fine thread drywall stud screws are expertly crafted to secure drywall or gypsum board, preventing any crumbling or distortion of the surface.

They are designed for compatibility with both wood and metal surfaces, ensuring a secure and lasting connection between the drywall and the underlying structure.

Our drywall stud screws feature fine threading, providing a strong grip and ensuring a seamless and stable installation experience.

Plus, the high-quality manufacturing process guarantees that our screws can withstand the test of time, offering durability and reliability to your projects.

At Oukailuo, we are a leading screw manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the wholesale business.

And we are dedicated to delivering exceptional products, backed by our extensive manufacturing expertise and commitment to quality.

In short, invest in our 3.5*25 fine thread drywall stud screws for drywall installation needs.

Trust our experience and commitment to delivering top-quality products that meet and exceed expectations.

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