One Way Self Tapping Security Screws


Discover Oukailuo’s one way self tapping security screws, unparalleled protection and convenience for your projects.


Are you searching for trustworthy self tapping security screws that deliver outstanding performance and top-notch security? You’ve found it!

Our one-way self tapping security screws are cleverly made so that they will tap their holes as they are pushed into a range of materials, such as metal and hard plastics.

With its unique design, the thread on the screw has a gap that creates a flute and cutting edge like those on a tap.

And the results in a very effective and time-saving solution for all your fastening needs.

The distinct one-way design of our screws makes them stand out from the competition.

Once set up, they are difficult to remove, adding extra security to your projects.

As a result of this characteristic, they are perfect for usage in settings where tampering or unauthorized entrance are worries.

Additionally, you can believe in the quality of our product because we have over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing sector.

We are dedicated to providing outstanding products and assuring satisfaction, making our screws the top option for wholesalers worldwide.

So why would you accept anything less? Make a difference for yourself by selecting our one-way self tapping security screws!

To order and use our product to improve your projects, contact us right now.

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