Phillips Countersunk Machine Screw


Meet this Phillips countersunk machine screw, a perfect amalgamation of superior strength, durability, and practical design for demanding working applications such as construction, industrial, and commercial scenarios.



Engineered to be tool-driven, our countersunk machine screw flawlessly integrates into pre-tapped holes or nuts, forming a secure mating thread.

Its distinguishing feature is the flat head, designed to lie flush against the mating surface, ensuring a clean, unobtrusive finish without protrusion. And it is an essential characteristic in countless applications where a seamless look or aerodynamics are paramount.

Moreover, constructed with high-quality materials such as brass and steel, this screw is designed to withstand the test of time, providing consistent and lasting strength.

Overall, choose our Phillips countersunk machine screw for fastening needs that demand durability, aesthetic appeal, and top-tier performance.

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