Yellow Zinc Plated Phillips Oval Head Machine Screw


This yellow Zinc plated Phillips oval head machine screw is the epitome of quality and versatility, the optimal solution when you need to fasten components in machines, tools, appliances, electronic gadgets, and a wide range of vehicles.



Our uniformly threaded machine screw is designed to fit into threaded nuts or pre-tapped holes effortlessly.

The screw’s oval head, apart from being pleasing to the eye, ensures a smooth finish when fitted onto a surface.

This Phillips oval head machine screw stands out for the yellow zinc plating.

This addition augments its visual appeal and imparts a higher resistance to rust, promising a longer-lasting performance.

And the Phillips drive type further adds to its usability, providing excellent torque and ease of operation.

Furthermore, with a broad selection of sizes and configurations at your disposal, the machine screw embodies reliability and superior performance, catering to a multitude of your fastening needs.

Hence, trust our product for quality that stands the test of time.

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