Yellow Zinc Plated Phillips Machine Screw Manufacturer


As a machine screw manufacturer, we proudly present this yellow Zinc plated Phillips machine screw, a paragon of quality and excellence in fastening solutions.



We ensure each product is uniformly threaded and crafted to flawlessly fit into pre-determined nuts or threaded holes, providing an impeccable fastening experience.

The screw stands out in its diverse configurations, materials, and head types.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into various applications, it is your go-to solution for fastening components in machines, appliances, electronic devices, vehicles, and various tools.

Furthermore, the iconic Phillips head is a practical design that allows for an efficient, secure fit.

Aided by the practicality of the Phillips driver head, our screw offers an effortless installation process.

And with yellow zinc plating, it possesses enhanced durability and rust resistance and adds a visually pleasing aesthetic touch.

Overall, trust us as your machine screw manufacturer and experience the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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