M5 Stainless Steel Truss Head Machine Screw


Upgrade your fastening solutions with our M5 stainless steel truss head machine screw, a reliable and robust choice tailored for you.



Made from high-quality stainless steel, this M5 truss head machine screw offers exceptional durability, dependability, and corrosion and rust resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance in a variety of applications.

It is distinguished by its truss head, which provides a larger bearing surface and a rounded, low-profile top, thereby minimizing the possibility of material surface damage and delivering a clean, finished appearance.

Plus, our M5 screw’s externally threaded straight shank integrates flawlessly with pre-tapped holes or bolts to form a secure mating thread.

And this makes the screw ideal for augmenting metal lathe-to-stud attachments’ stability and structural integrity.

In short, our product provides superior functionality, dependability, and simplicity of installation. Contact us immediately for details!

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