Torx Oval Head 3mm Machine Screw

Our Torx oval head 3mm machine screw offers a solid blend of compact size, decorative finish, and superior fastening strength.



These uniformly threaded fasteners are intended to interlink with equally threaded nuts or machined holes, establishing a solid connection between the components they fasten.

The oval head design of our screws offers a decorative finish with a slightly rounded top.

They are equipped with a Torx drive, renowned for its six-point star-shaped pattern that offers increased torque for tight fastening with reduced cam-out.

These machine screws are in nominal diameter, perfect for applications requiring smaller and more compact fasteners.

They form part of our vast collection of machine screws accessible in diverse configurations, materials, driver head types, and sizes.

Thus, our Torx oval head 3mm machine screws are the backbone of any assembly in machines, tools, and electronics, guaranteeing durable and reliable connections. Contact us today!

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