Torx Oval Head 4mm Machine Screws


Unveiling these Torx oval head 4mm machine screws from the house of Oukailuo, delivering exceptional performance and reliability.



Our screws are distinguished by their Torx drive, featuring a six-point star-shaped pattern that enables higher torque transfer, minimizes cam-out, and reduces tool wear, making them an outstanding choice for applications requiring a critical secure, and high-torque connection.

In addition to the Torx drive, these screws boast an oval head design, combining the low-profile aesthetics of a flat head with the superior bearing surface of a pan head.

This results in a streamlined, finished look ideal for applications where appearance and functionality are of utmost importance.

Specifically crafted as 4mm machine screws, they offer an optimal balance between compact size and robust strength.

Designed for seamless integration with uniformly threaded nuts or pre-threaded holes, they ensure a tight and secure fit for a wide range of applications.

Further, manufactured from premium materials, the screws reflect our commitment to durability and excellent performance.

All in all, equip your project with our Torx oval head 4mm machine screws today and experience the advantages they bring.

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