Torx Drive Flat Head M8 Machine Screw


Discover the precision and reliability of this Torx drive flat head M8 machine screw, providing you with the optimal fastening solution.



Our machine screw is a uniformly threaded screw intended to be threaded into uniformly threaded nuts or holes in parts it is designed to hold together.

Its nominal diameter ensures its suitability for intricate and precise applications.

Notable for its Torx drive flat head, this machine screw provides a greater contact area for the driver, resulting in better torque transmission and minimizing wear.

Plus, it is part of our extensive machine screw collection that boasts a wide array of configurations, materials, head types, and a comprehensive range of sizes.

This variety ensures we have the perfect screw to meet your fastening needs.

In short, our Torx drive flat head M8 machine screw is an excellent choice for you in need of reliable and high-performing fasteners.

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