Tamper Proof Torx 6 Lobe Screws with Pin


Presenting the tamper proof Torx 6 lobe screws with pin, offering secure fastening for materials in jails, schools, boats and cars.


The unique aspect of our screws lies in their unconventional drive, which significantly enhances their tamper resistance.

Simply put, they can only be tampered with if one has access to the appropriate driver or bit. They are also equipped with a six-lobe design and a central pin, enhancing their security feature.

These screws have been widely adopted across various applications where security is paramount. You can commonly find them in public spaces, securely fastening materials to prevent vandalism or theft.

Furthermore, they are used extensively in gutters, license plates, grills, and many hardware applications in jails, schools, boats, and cars.

Therefore, the 6 lobe screws provide an added layer of security, making them a go-to choice for various applications where safety and security are critical. Contact us today and order them.

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