Stainless Steel Truss Head 5 44 Machine Screw


Secure the machinery with this robust stainless steel truss head 5 44 machine screw with superior fastening capabilities, corrosion resistance, and versatility.



These screws boast a uniform thread, perfectly designed to integrate with uniformly threaded nuts or threaded components, ensuring a secure and reliable fastening solution.

They stand out with their truss head, a design known for a wider surface area and lower profile than other head styles.

The truss head style, coupled with robust stainless steel, promises durability and enhanced resistance to rust and corrosion.

With a nominal diameter, our screws are part of a wide range of machine screws available in numerous configurations, materials, and head types to suit every need.

Plus, they are quintessential in fastening components in a broad array of applications, including machines, tools, appliances, electronic devices, and vehicles. Overall, contact us today and order our 5 44 machine screws.

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