Slotted Torx Combo Drive Trilobular Pan Head Machine Screw


We are excited to introduce our slotted Torx combo drive trilobular pan head machine screws, a superior fastening solution designed for you.



These pan head machine screws feature uniform threading and are engineered to be threaded seamlessly into uniformly threaded nuts or pre-threaded holes in the components designed to fasten.

They stand out with their unique trilobular pan head design and the combination of slotted and Torx drive.

The trilobular pan head provides a larger bearing surface for secure fastening, while the combination drive offers the flexibility of using either a standard slotted or a Torx driver.

And this versatile feature ensures compatibility with a wide range of tools and reduces cam-out risk.

Further, like all our machine screws, these screws are versatile and reliable, suitable for fastening components in machines, tools, appliances, electronic devices, and vehicles, among many others.

Their adaptability to various applications ensures they meet your diverse fastening requirements.

Hence, invest in our pan head machine screws to experience a blend of superior performance, flexibility, and quality in your fastening solutions.

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