Slotted Flat Head Machine Screw


Our slotted flat head machine screw is an indispensable component for your inventory, exhibiting an unmatched versatility, fastening a myriad of joint types.



Designed for securing two or more components, our flat head machine screw facilitates seamless assembly through its ability to be threaded into through holes with a nut positioned behind all components.

This ensures a solid and uniform thread, providing a reliable joint.

Plus, the screw can be threaded into the final component, which acts as the nut in the joint, providing a secure fastening solution.

An additional feature of our slotted flat head machine screw is its compatibility with threaded couplings.

This unique trait allows two opposing machine screws to effectively separate two plates or boards, creating a space equal to the coupling length.

Moreover, the slotted flat head design provides a flush finish, ensuring a neat appearance upon installation and reducing the chance of interference with moving parts or snagging on clothing and other materials.

In conclusion, with its robust design and multi-functional use, our screw is an excellent addition to your offering, satisfying a broad range of fastening requirements across various applications and industries.

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