Sharp Point Drive Slotted Set Screws | Secure Fastening


We are trusted slotted set screws suppliers that are known for their security and reliability. Our screws feature a sharp point and Phillips drive, making them easy to install and remove. The slotted head design ensures a secure grip, and we offer sizes ranging from 3mm to 25mm.



  • Secure and reliable fastening with our sharp point drive slotted set screws!
  • This set screw features a sharp point penetrating through wood, metal, and plastic materials, while the Phillips drive ensures easy installation and removal.
  • With a slotted head for a secure grip and sizes ranging from 3mm to 25mm, these set screws can give you a secure connection in any application.
  • Whether you’re working on DIY projects, furniture assembly, or any other task,0 this set screw is the perfect choice.

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