Slotted Hex Washer Head Machine Screw


Our slotted hex washer head machine screw is designed to slot seamlessly into uniformly threaded components such as nuts or pre-threaded holes.



This versatile slotted hex washer head machine screw can fasten elements together in a wide array of applications, be it in machines, appliances, electronics, or vehicles.

What sets it apart is its hexagonal washer head design, coupled with a slotted drive.

This unique combination enhances the load distribution and provides a more secure grip while allowing easy installation with both hex and slotted drivers.

Coming in various sizes, our machine screw fits the needs of any project, irrespective of its scale.

Plus, it is fabricated with high-quality, durable materials ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Hence, no matter the task at hand, you can trust this screw to deliver optimal performance, keeping your applications securely fastened and functioning at their best.

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