Pozi Drive Pan Head Self Tapping Japanned Screws


Deliver superior performance with the Pozi drive pan head self tapping Japanned screws, capable of tapping their own holes, offering the perfect solution for hard substrates.


Our screws offer a unique feature; they’re capable of tapping their own hole while being driven into the material. This remarkable capability makes them ideal for challenging substrates like metal or hard plastics.

The self-tapping prowess is realized by designing a gap in the thread continuity, thereby creating a flute and cutting edge comparable to those on a tap. And the result is a screw that not only affixes securely but also minimizes the need for pre-drilling.

In addition, the Pozi drive head design allows for enhanced torque, while the pan head offers a flat bearing surface for sturdy attachment.

Therefore, choose these Japanned screws, a smart choice for seeking performance, reliability, and ease of use.

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