Fitrite Plastic Decking Clips

Enhance the longevity and aesthetic of decks with our Fitrite plastic decking clips, boasting hidden fasteners and anti-mildew.



Specifically designed for grooved wooden decking, these clips ingeniously conceal all fasteners, resulting in a perfectly polished, unblemished deck surface.

By ensuring uniform installation, they contribute to a consistent, refined appearance that exudes quality. Plus, the unique coating process enhances their corrosion resistance, offering extended durability.

Not just a style statement, the plastic decking clips also possess impressive functional attributes.

They thoughtfully lift the deck boards off the joints, enhancing airflow and enabling effective drying.

And this significant feature considerably minimizes the likelihood of mildew and rot, preserving the pristine condition of the decks.

To sum up, contact us today and add our product to your inventory.

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