Phillips Pancake Head Nickel Machine Screw


Presenting Oukailuo’s Phillips pancake head nickel machine screws, a robust and versatile fastening solution ideal for you.



Our nickel machine screws feature uniform threading, designed for seamless integration with uniformly threaded nuts or pre-threaded holes in the components they are meant to fasten.

They boast a unique pancake head design coupled with a Phillips drive.

The pancake head offers a low profile, ensuring a smooth and flat finish upon installation, while the Phillips drive allows for easy and precise control during the fastening process.

These machine screws are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, thanks to their high-quality nickel finish.

The finish provides an added layer of corrosion resistance, ensuring the screws retain their appearance and performance even in challenging conditions.

Additionally, available in an extensive range of configurations, materials, and sizes, the screws are a perfect fit for various applications, including fastening components in machines, tools, appliances, electronic devices, and vehicles, among others.

Overall, partnering with our nickel machine screws means investing in a product that offers reliability, superior performance, and versatile application.

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