Phillips Flat Point Self Tapping M2 Countersunk Screw


Uncover effortless installation with the Phillips flat point self tapping M2 countersunk screws, offering a wide range of tip and thread patterns.


With a wide range of tip and thread patterns, our screws are designed to suit almost any possible screw head design, ensuring seamless integration into your specific applications.

They stand out with a screw thread covering the whole length from tip to head, providing a strong grip and secure fastening.

And they also feature a pronounced thread that’s hard enough for the intended substrate and often case-hardened, promising unmatched durability and strength.

The Phillips flat point design allows these screws to self-tap into the material, saving you time on pre-drilling.

Moreover, the countersunk head allows them to sit flush with or below the surface, ensuring a neat and professional finish.

Overall, contact us today and order the M2 countersunk screws.

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