Pan Wafer Head M3 Self Tapping Screws

Elevate the fastening process with our pan wafer head M3 self tapping screws, uniquely designed to tap their own holes in hard materials.


These screws are ingeniously designed to cut their own threads as they delve into the material, eliminating the need for a pre-drilled hole.

Whether you’re dealing with hard substrates like metal or hard plastics, they stand out with their unique self-tapping abilities.

The screws’ special design includes a gap cut in the thread continuity, which forms a flute and cutting edge resembling a traditional tap.

And this results in a highly versatile fastener that simplifies the task at hand and boosts your productivity.

Overall, by investing in our pan wafer head M3 self tapping screws, you choose a dependable solution for varied fastening needs.

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