Oval Head Torx Drive 4.5mm Machine Screw


Discover Oukailuo’s oval head Torx drive 4.5mm machine screw, a premium fastening solution expertly designed for you.



Our 4.5mm machine screw boasts uniform threading, ideal for integration with uniformly threaded nuts or pre-threaded holes in the components they are intended to secure.

Their unique oval head design, coupled with a Torx drive, sets them apart.

The oval head ensures a smooth, semi-flush finish upon installation, adding to the aesthetic appeal of your applications.

On the other hand, the Torx drive offers superior torque transfer, reducing the risk of cam-out and ensuring a secure and tight fit every time.

Besides, this 4.5mm machine screw comes in a broad spectrum of configurations, materials, driver head types, and sizes.

And its wide range caters to diverse fastening needs, ensuring you always have the right screw for the job.

All in all, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and quality, our screw promises unmatched performance, reliability, and versatility. So contact us today!

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