One Way Oval Head 3 56 Machine Screw

Opt for precision and performance with our one way oval head 3 56 machine screw, offering reliable fastening with added security benefits.



This machine screw’s uniform thread design that pairs seamlessly with uniformly threaded nuts or pre-drilled holes makes it an indispensable asset for any assembly process.

It is constructed with an oval head that merges a low-profile rounded top with a large bearing surface.

And the one-way design allows tightening but resists removal, which is perfect for security and safety applications.

Compact and versatile, with a nominal diameter, our machine screw is part of our comprehensive assortment of machine screws.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of configurations, materials, driver head types, and sizes to cater to diverse assembly needs.

In conclusion, choose this one way oval head 3 56 machine screw for a secure, streamlined fastening solution that adds a layer of protection to your projects.

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