One Way Pan Head Metric Machine Screws


Discover Oukailuo’s state-of-the-art one way pan head metric machine screws, engineered for those who value performance, reliability, and precision.



The highlight of our metric machine screws is their one-way drive, also known as a slotted or clutch head, providing tamper resistance by allowing easy installation but making removal difficult.

They are ideal for high-security applications, such as electronic devices, vehicles, and high-end appliances.

Featuring a pan head design with slightly rounded sides and a low profile when fastened, the screws are suitable for applications where the protrusion of the fastener above the mating surface is undesirable.

Crafted to the metric scale, these metric machine screws cater to a global market that utilizes the metric system, offering a versatile range of size options for various applications.

Designed for seamless threading into uniformly threaded nuts or pre-threaded holes, they ensure a secure and tight fit with each use.

Moreover, manufactured using superior-grade materials, our screws guarantee long-lasting durability and robust performance.

With their functionality spanning across various industries, they have become a staple in the manufacturing, automotive, and electronics sectors.

Hence, invest in our products for your wholesale needs and discover the difference they make.

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