Hex Head Self Drilling Screws with Captive Washers


Discover these hex head self drilling screws with captive washers, typically crafted from a tough material, a hardy fastening solution.


These screws are typically crafted from a tough material like hard steel or metal treated to augment its hardness, for example, 410 stainless steel.

Their unique feature is their self-drilling and self-tapping nature.

When using them, it’s important to ensure that the material being drilled into is less hard than the screw material itself to prevent dulling of the screw’s drilling tip and ensure efficient cutting into the material.

The added bonus of captive washers offers an all-in-one fastening solution, reducing the need for separate parts and making the installation process even more convenient.

And this ultimately provides a secure fit, enhancing the longevity of your project. Overall, contact us today and invest in the screws with captive washers.

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