Hex socket Nickel 6 40 Machine Screw


Enhance your inventory with the hex socket nickel 6 40 machine screw, the ultimate solution for you seeking top-quality fastening components.



Our 6 40 machine screw plays a vital role in securely fastening parts across various machines, including electronics, engines, and large-scale industrial manufacturing equipment.

It has been meticulously crafted with utmost precision, ensuring outstanding performance and long-lasting durability.

The hex socket design guarantees a secure and reliable fit, making installation and removal effortless with a compatible hex socket wrench.

With its nickel finish, our 6 40 machine screw offers a sleek and professional appearance while exhibiting excellent resistance to corrosion.

Moreover, it has been engineered to meet rigorous standards, making it suitable for assembling delicate electronic devices and heavy-duty machinery.

In short, as a wholesaler, you can rely on the quality and versatility of our machine screw to meet your diverse needs.

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