Hex Shoulder Head M1.7 Machine Screw


Boasting an unyielding hexagonal shoulder head design, this M1.7 machine screw delivers robust fastening with minimal material damage.



Our uniformly threaded fastener is purposed for integration with uniformly threaded counterparts, be it nuts or pre-drilled holes, anchoring the parts they secure tightly.

Its distinctive hexagonal shoulder head provides a larger bearing surface for load distribution, leading to a more secure fastening without damaging the materials involved.

Measuring at a nominal diameter, this machine screw is particularly suited to finer, precision-required assemblies.

And its compact dimensions form part of our extensive line of machine screws available in an assortment of configurations, materials, driver head types, and sizes.

Hence, our M1.7 machine screw exemplifies the gold standard in machine assembly; contact us today!.

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