Flat Head Stainless Steel M4 M10 M2 6-32 Step Knurled Thumb Screw


Get acquainted with these versatile flat head stainless steel M4 M10 M2 6-32 step knurled thumb screws crafted for you seeking a reliable fastening solution.



Our knurled thumb screws come with solid, uniform threads, playing the role of the nut in the joint with remarkable efficacy.

They stand out with their flat head design that sits flush with the surface upon installation, enhancing the visual appeal and safety of your applications.

And the unique knurled thumb screw design allows for easy adjustment by hand, offering quick installation and disassembly when required.

Designed to fasten two or more components using through holes and a nut behind all components, these screws prove their versatility in numerous applications.

We offer them in various sizes, including M4, M10, M2, and 6-32, ensuring you have the right fit for your needs.

Plus, the choice of high-grade stainless steel in the construction of the screws ensures excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and strength.

This makes them a sturdy choice for a wide array of environments and applications.

Consequently, by choosing our screws, you opt for a blend of quality, flexibility, and top-notch performance in your fastening solutions.

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