Factory Supply Pole Barn Screws with EPDM Washer


Elevate your offerings with these factory supply pole barn screws with EPDM washer, made from hardened steel, providing exceptional durability and ease of use.


Tailored to perfection, the self-drilling screws stand out in their category, designed to efficiently pierce through softer materials without requiring a pilot hole.

Composed of hardened steel or a similarly treated metal, such as 410 stainless steel, they guarantee exceptional durability and resistance. This means they retain their drilling tip’s sharpness, ensuring longevity and continuous ease of use.

Additionally, our screws are inherently self-tapping, simplifying the installation process.

They come equipped with an EPDM washer, providing an added layer of protection against potential leaks, making them an ideal choice for robust, weatherproof construction.

Thus, choose our pole barn screws, and give a blend of efficiency, durability, and smart design.

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