DIN985 Hex Lock Screw Nut


Ensure unparalleled security in fastening tasks with the DIN985 hex lock screw nut, equipped with a nylon collar that resists turning, offering safety, quality, and reliability.



Also known as a nylon-insert lock nut, polymer-insert lock nut, or elastic stop nut, our product is the pinnacle of robust and reliable locking technology.

It stands resolute against turning and provides a steadfast hold.

This nut boasts a nylon collar insert ingeniously positioned at the nut’s end. The collar has an inner diameter slightly smaller than the screw’s major diameter.

When the nut is tightened onto the screw, the nylon collar grips the screw, creating a tension that prevents the nut from backing off.

Hence, choosing the DIN985 hex lock screw nut delivers extraordinary stability and peace of mind. Contact us today and order it.

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