Dacromet Hex Flange Head Heavy Duty Self Drilling Screws


Unlock the power of relentless durability with our Dacromet hex flange head heavy duty self drilling screws, crafted from hardened steel or 410 stainless steel.


The screws are expertly crafted from hard steel or sometimes 410 stainless steel, subjected to treatment processes to amplify their hardness. This unparalleled toughness makes them the ideal choice for all heavy-duty applications.

Exhibiting a balance of strength and precision, our self-drilling screws penetrate materials with relative ease, but remember, for maximum effectiveness, the material should be softer than the screw itself.

Moreover, they come with an inherent self-tapping feature, ensuring smooth, clean holes every time. And the hex flange head design further promotes superior holding power, offering you a reliably firm grip.

Hence, choosing these heavy duty self drilling screws means investing in a promise of quality, performance, and productivity. Contact us today!

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