Cup Hex Head Sems Bolt Titanium Screw


Oukailuo’s cup hex head sems bolt titanium screw, uniquely engineered to fasten various joint types, makes them an invaluable addition to your inventory.



Our titanium screw is specifically designed to secure multiple components, working seamlessly with through holes and a nut positioned behind them to ensure a robust and stable connection, enhancing overall performance and longevity.

Featuring a cup hex head design, this screw provides a superior grip and high torque application, striking an ideal balance between control and strength.

The easily driven hex head is less prone to stripping than other drive types, enhancing usability and effectiveness.

With uniform threading, the titanium screw delivers consistent performance and a secure fit, serving as both the screw and the nut in the joint, simplifying the assembly process and reducing the number of required components.

In addition, crafted from titanium, it offers exceptional strength and corrosion resistance while remaining lightweight, ensuring durability and suitability for even the most demanding applications.

Consequently, invest in this versatile, durable, and high-performance screw to experience the synergy it brings to your projects.

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