Cap Head with Knurled 5 32 Machine Screw


Discover the versatility and reliability of our cap head with knurled 5 32 machine screw, offering uniform and secure fastening, an excellent addition to your fastening needs.



These machine screws are perfectly threaded to fit securely into uniformly threaded nuts or holes in the components you’re looking to fasten.

Designed with a nominal diameter, they are ideal for tasks that require precise, secure fastening.

The key distinguishing feature is the cap head, complete with knurled detailing, offering enhanced grip and making them easy to install or remove.

The screws are just one of the many options in our diverse array of machine screws.

Available in a multitude of configurations, crafted from different materials, and featuring various driver head types and sizes, our range caters to your unique needs.

Hence, rely on our cap head with knurled 5 32 machine screw for all your fastening projects that require strength and precision.

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