Blue White Zinc Hex Drive Flat Point Locking Set Screws


Presenting our blue white Zinc hex drive flat point locking set screws, fully-threaded and headless for sleek, secure fastening, a crucial piece of hardware designed with precision and durability in mind.



Primarily used for securing an object within or against another, these locking set screws come in handy in various applications, most commonly locking a pulley or gear onto a shaft.

They are headless or blind, implying they are completely threaded, leaving no head to protrude beyond the major diameter of the screw thread.

Featuring a flat point, the screws deliver consistent torque and can be securely tightened down without the risk of damage to the material.

The hex drive design allows easy use with standard tools, reducing slippage and increasing efficiency.

In addition, what sets them apart is their blue-white zinc finish.

This finish adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent performance. So, contact us today and order them.

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