Black Zinc Pan Head Security Anti Theft Number Plate Screws


Unveiling our black Zinc pan head security anti theft number plate screws, an essential tool for safeguarding public area installations.


These tamper-proof security screws are renowned for their unconventional drive design, making unauthorized interference incredibly challenging.

Each screw boasts a unique drive that can only be operated with a matching driver or bit.

This singular feature ensures they cannot be tampered with, making them the go-to fastening solution for locations where security is paramount.

So their common applications include license plates, grills, gutters, and hardware in schools, jails, boats, and cars.

Moreover, coated in black zinc, our anti theft number plate screws not only offer superior security but also exude a sleek aesthetic appeal.

Invest in these specialized screws to protect your installations from tampering while adding a touch of sophistication.

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